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Malan de Versailles

Versailles, situated in the bountiful and picturesque Wellington valley, was first granted to French Huguenots in 1699. The Malan family, owners of the farm for six generations, can likewise claim a proud and ancient Huguenot lineage. A venerable winemaking tradition established by these ancestors has resulted in a variety of excellent wines - from the superb Malan de Versailles collection, to our most recent addition - the easy-drinking Versailles range.

Malan de Versailles - Six generations on Today, more than 160 years after the farm was first purchased by Petrus Jacobus Malan, Versailles stretches over 140 hectares. Of this, 43% is under vine, comprising Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot and Chenin Blanc, with Pear trees covering a further eight hectares.

We warmly invite you to discover more about our wines, our heritage, and our farm, as well as the role played by the Malan family in the history of our beautiful "Val du Charron".

Tasting by appointment. Call Annareen de Reuck on 082 898 9314.