South Africa


Bovlei Cellar

The Bovlei Cellar was established in 1907 and is the second oldest co-operative winery in South Africa. We have wine producing members who supply approximately 9 000 tons of grapes to Bovlei annually. Each of these farms, contributing grapes for the making of Bovlei's excellent wines, has its own particular microclimate and soil types. The vines thrive on the crystal clear and unpolluted air in the region.

Built on a proud winemaking legacy.

Bovlei Winery obtains its grapes from mainly three areas: Agter-Groenberg, Bovlei and Leeuwrivier. All three areas has warm soil essential for the production of quality grapes for the preparation of full dry red and sweet wines and cool soil for quality white wines. Grapes for Bukettraube, Sauvignon Blanc & Chenin Blanc are mainly obtained from the cooler slopes of Bovlei and Leeuwrivier areas. Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, Cinsaut and Shiraz grapes are cultivated in the warm soils of the northern slopes of Agter-Groenberg and parts of the Bovlei and Leeuwrivier areas.