South Africa


The Book Traders

The Book Traders, the second-hand bookshop housed in the Breytenbach Centre, is one of the jewels of Wellington, Western Cape. The shop is now in its eighth year and its reputation keeps on growing.

Every visit is an adventure. Regular visitors know that there are three rooms filled with excellent quality books. Few people walk out of the shop without a good book or two and the need to come back for more. The first room is set up for lovers of English and Afrikaans literature. There are also two book cases of history books that cover a range of topics from ancient civilisations to the current issues in the middle-east.

The second room, furnished with a comfy sofa and a reading table, has over 4000 titles to choose from. Here you can get your hands on nearly new English and Afrikaans fiction. There is also a wide variety of travelogues and guidebooks for the arm-chair adventurer. The art section´s shelves moan under the weight of beautiful books. In addition to all of this, there is a large selection of autobiographies, biographies, memoirs, gardening, interior design and photography books, not to mention the wonderful Christian and inspirational books.

Walking into the third room, you´ll find shelf upon shelf of children´s books that will suit the needs of any young reader. There is also a special section of factual books to help school kids with their projects. You will also find new book to inspire you for that unexpected children´s party.

Looking for something about sport, the meaning behind your name, a Xhosa dictionary, a Thai recipe, pregnancy facts or help with you taxes? Look no further than The Book Traders!

The shop also buys in books that are in good condition. The Book Traders specialises in sourcing books for customers. The owner prides herself on specially sourcing books for her clients during her monthly book buying expedition to Cape Town. Call or e-mail us and we shall try our best to find you a copy of that special book you´ve been looking for. If we cannot find it immediately, your request will be put on our permanent search list and we´ll keep on looking!