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Curves Wellington

If, like many women, you are overwhelmed by traditional gyms and don’t have a lot of time for exercise, Curves may be the answer for you. Curves provides a safe, efficient and effective workout for women of all ages and fitness levels, in an environment that’s comfortable and welcoming. The Curves workout takes just 30 minutes, three times a week. And, as research has shown, it works!

Give us just THIRTY MINUTES a day, three times a week, and Curves can change your life!

Curves equipment was designed specifically for women. The hydralic resistance adjusts automatically to your fitness level. The workout is accompanied by upbeat music and a qualified Curves trainer to encourage exercisers and ensures proper form. The Curves program includes all five components of exercise – warm up and cool down, cardio, strength training and stretching – and works every major muscle group while helping you keep your hears rate in target training zone.